• Volunteer spotlight for Volunteers Week 2019

    Volunteers are essential to the work that we do here at The Bereavement Counselling Service. Our work was first started over 25 years ago by a group of volunteer counsellors and volunteering has remained at the heart of our work.

    Our counsellors, supervisors, assessors and trustees all give up their time for free, to help those people who are struggling with complicated grief or traumatic loss.

    This week is National Volunteers Week so we are shining the spotlight on one of our wonderful volunteers Lorna.

    What is your role at the Bereavement Counselling Service?
    I am a volunteer Supervisor and Counsellor. I am also on the Board of Trustees.

    Why did you choose to volunteer with this service?
    I chose to volunteer as I am really interested in loss as it affects everyone in their lifetime. I feel it has given me a great knowledge base for counselling generically.

    What have you gained from volunteering?
    I have gained great experience, confidence and great friends and colleagues. I have worked with some amazing clients who have turned their world around. It’s a very rewarding role.

    What changes have you seen in the people that you work with?

    I have seen clients turn their lives around.. they have gone from feeling completely helpless to looking forward to life again.

    What skills and experience have you gained yourself?

    I have gained experience and skills in solution focused therapy, traumatic loss and complex grief.

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