Welcome to the Bereavement Counselling Service website!

PLEASE NOTE: We have moved offices to Langage in Plympton
Our address is:
The Bereavement Counselling Service
Falcon House
Eagle Road
Telephone number: 01752 349769
Email address: enquiries@bcsplymouth.com

Some losses and bereavements are difficult to come to terms with. We can be poorly prepared for the physical and emotional consequences of our loss, and may find ourselves overwhelmed, disorientated and wondering what to do next.

The Bereavement Counselling Service (BCS) is a charity which offers specialist bereavement counselling in response to complicated grief and traumatic loss. Our therapists have specialist knowledge, training and experience and work under regular professional supervision.

The BCS is based in Plymouth (UK) and is partially funded by the Clinical Commissioning Group which covers Plymouth and some of Devon. With fund raising support it is possible for some clients to receive their counselling without charge.